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Using Ecological Skin-friendly Fabric
Intelligent Controller, Safe And Crop-Proof Insulation
Easy to Operate.
The Physical Mode Kills The Mites And Can Drive Away The Humidity.
Three Layer Protection Technology,Safer to use
Plug-in Connection Coupler
User-friendly Design,
Controller And Electric Blanket Are Easily Separated, And Washed With Peace of Mind

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Xiaomi Smart DC Electric Blanket ( Intelligent Temperature Control) Details:
* Using ecological skin-friendly fabric, no harmful substances have been detected to ensure the ecological safety of the product
* Intelligent controller, safe and drop-proof insulation
* 20-52 ℃, 9 modes to control temperature, 1-9 hours intelligent timing constant temperature, easy to operate.
* The physical mode kills the mites and can drive away the humidity.
* Three layer protection technology,safer to use
* Plug-in connection coupler, user-friendly design, controller and electric blanket are easily separated, and washed with peace of mind
* The electric blanket can be washed by hand in water or in a mild mode in a washing machine
Be careful not to wring, dry in a ventilated place, do not dry clean
Recommended cleaning times: once a year

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