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– Xiaomi Mijia Sneakers 4 can be washed in the washing machine.
-One-piece stereo high-elasticity
-Antibacterial breathable perspiration insole
-Black technology process upgrades again
-Light and thin PU stable support layer
-5 in 1 Uni-Moulding
-High-density foam at the neckline
-4D high elastic flying woven upper

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Xiaomi Mijia Sneakers 4 Details:

Xiaomi Mijia Sport Sneakers Shoes 4 4th Lightweight Breathable Machine Washable 4D Fly Woven Upper for Men.

BrandXiaomi Mijia
ItemXiaomi Mijia Sneakers 4.0
MaterialFabric + TPU
Sole materialTPU + PU + polyurethane (ETPU) + rubber upper
Colorflower gray / flower blue / space black
Size ( Yard )40, 41, 42, 43, 44

Light as wadding , elastic as rabbit

Elastic , popcom cloud elastic + PU  stable layer midsole transparent ,
one – piece stereo high elastic 4D fly-ing woven upper stable ,
soft fish b-one Lock heel TPU net ,
antibacter -ial breathable perspiration insole

Bouncy and light perfectly balanced

The new ultra-light popcorn cloud elastic technology,uses lightweight and high elastic
popcom foaming te-chnology  to increase the foaming density of materials enhance the
soft elasticity of the midsole, reduce the weight, and further improve the foot comfort.

Lightweight PU stable support  layer dynamic energy absorption ,  improve touch stability

Infuse elastic lightweight PU on the upper layer of the mid-dle bottom of the
cloud bomb to reduce the possibility of s-haking and sprains of feet duning
exercise , absorb the shock  of touching the ground , enhance the stability of
movement ,  and reduce the risk of injury to knees caused by exercise .


Fishbone locking system is  newly upgraded to be flexible  and anti-twist , and it is steady

We use 8 high – density wear – resistant webbing as  fish bones to form
a 360° surrounding package  locking system , which improves the stability of
the shoe body during movement and fixes the  foot in the shoe to make the
movement more stable .

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