TK: ৳ 4,200

Model: Xiaomi Mi R2350 AIoT AC2350
6-Way high-performance signal amplifier
6 High gain antennas
Two-gigabit wireless speed
Full terminal game acceleration
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Xiaomi Mi R2350 AIoT AC2350 Dual Band Gigabit 7 Antennas Router and Repeater
Xiaomi has today cleared some products from the warehouse that are already available in China. For example, the company conjured up the Mi AIoT Router AX3600 from its hat. It already supports the new Wi-Fi 6 and is equipped with a chipset from Qualcomm. Felix had already blogged about this router for the release in China. AX3600 and AC2350 are two routers with Wi-Fi 6 wireless connectivity that can be paired with devices that support the new standard, such as MI 10 and MI 10 Pro. The first supports the simultaneous connection of up to 248 devices. It drops to 128 devices per second. If you want to spend less, Xiaomi will also add the Mi AIoT Router AC2350, which is already available for 49.99 euros. Here too, a SoC from Qualcomm is at the heart of the system and seven external amplifiers and seven independent antennas are used. There should be Wi-Fi speeds of up to 2,183 Mbps. MU-MIMO also supports this device.

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