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Brand: Leband
Name: Leband adjustable ergonomic back support
Model: LB-YK002
Size: 415×383×175mm
Net weight:1.3kg
6 months warranty

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Xiaomi Leband Adjustable Ergonomic Backrest Details:-Product Description:-
Wrap-around support
One-key lift
Torsional spring design
Sitting for a long time without tiredness
Are you tired of sitting for a long time? You have to sit anyway. Why don’t you sit comfortably?Features:
– Dynamic Support Back
Most spinal problems are caused by the wrong posture. Leband adjustable ergonomic back pad dynamic support back, alleviate the pressure of the spine.– Adaptive Adjustment Structure Makes The Back More Comfortable
According to ergonomics, the back support is designed in wrap-around style to cater to the natural curvature of the human spine. The back support will automatically adjust the stress direction according to the relying posture, and transfer the pressure on the spine to the support back plate, so that you are not tired of sitting for a long time. * the physiological curve of the normal and healthy lumbar spine is about 26 °.– One-key Lift
Leband adjustable ergonomic back support built-in lifting mechanical structure, you can complete the dynamic lifting according to one-key without other tools, after adjustment, both sides are the same height, the sliding groove design is not easy to slide down, making it more comfortable to rely on.– Double Torsional Spring Design Dynamic Buffer Dispersion Pressure
Leband adjustable ergonomic back support adopts a double-diameter torsion spring support structure. The lower end is a 3.0mm diameter torsion spring, which can stabilize the pressure from the waist, and the upper end is a 2.8mm diameter torsion spring, which can flexibly support the pressure from the back and back shoulder– Two-way Ventilation Vent Can Breathe And Not Sweat
There are 306 air holes in the back support, providing a comfortable environment for the back to rely on.

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