TK: ৳ 35,055

Gross Total(Liter): 218 ℓ
Net Total(Liter): 212 ℓ
Net for Freezer(Liter): 70 ℓ
Net for Fridge(Liter): 142 ℓ
Refrigerant: R600a
Compressor: Digital Inverter Compressor
Number of Drawer: 3 EA
Interior LED Light: Top LED

Warranty Policy: 10 years Compressor Warranty

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Samsung RB21KMFH5RH D3
Bottom Mount Refrigerator 218L
Works longer, quieter & uses less energy
This Samsung RB21KMFH5RH D3 Bottom Mount Refrigerator has digital Inverter Compressor automatically adjusts its speed in response to cooling demand across 4 levels. So it works smarter, minimizes noise and reduces wear and tear for a longer-lasting performance. And for complete peace of mind its performance is backed up by a 10 year warranty*.

See more & find more
The high efficiency, long lasting LED lighting is slimmer, brighter and more energy efficient than conventional lighting. It creates more space for food, brilliantly illuminates every corner with softer lighting that’s more comfortable on your eyes, and saves you money on your electricity bills.

Strong, safe shelves
Tempered glass shelves can safely hold heavy items, like watermelons or marrows. They are designed and tested to withstand a huge weight of up to 150kg. So you don’t need to worry about storing very heavy items on the shelves and even food prepared in heavy pots and pans can be kept cool and fresh.

More freezer space
Samsung RB21KMFH5RH D3 Bottom Mount Refrigerator freezer provides more freezer space so you can preserve more frozen food. Compared to a conventional Top Mount Freezer refrigerator with a similar capacity it has 10% more freezer space*, meaning you can fit in more items and organize them better, so everything’s easier to find.

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