TK: ৳ 1,500

Brand: Mijia
Model: WX10ZM
What is it: Mosquito repellent
6 months Service Warranty

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Xiaomi releases a new improved version of its famous mosquito repellent, Mijia Intelligent Mosquito Repellent 2.
This repellent uses trifluthrin tablets as a repellent agent, and each of them can last up to 1080 hours, and can be used for approximately 4.5 months based on 8 hours per night. A single Mijia 2 smart mosquito repeller is suitable for a space of 28m, 3 and users can place them in multiple locations according to the size of the space.
Mijia Smart Mosquito Repellent 2 promotes uniform volatilization of the repellent through the rotation of the built-in fan.

It has two power supply modes, which can be powered by two AA batteries, or they can be powered directly through the USB-C interface. It should be noted that Mijia Smart Mosquito Repellent 2 voice control, remote control and smart connection should be used in USB-C power supply mode with XiaoAI speakers with Bluetooth Mesh gateway function.

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