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Midea Portable AC: 1 Ton – versatile, powerful heating and cooling in one unit. Efficient performance, easy to use, and perfect for medium-sized rooms. Upgrade your comfort today.


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Experience Versatile, Powerful Comfort with Midea Portable AC: 1 Ton

Efficient Heating and Cooling in One Unit

The Midea portable AC offers a cooling capacity of 12000 Btu/h and heating function, making it perfect for medium-sized rooms. With R-410 refrigerant, this unit is designed to provide efficient and effective cooling and heating.

Compact and Portable Design

The Midea Portable AC: 1 Ton is designed to be easy to move around, so you can enjoy comfortable temperatures wherever you go. It’s lightweight, compact and easy to handle, making it perfect for small apartments or for taking with you on the go.

High-Quality Rotary Compressor

This air conditioner is powered by a high-quality rotary compressor that provides consistent heating and cooling performance. It’s built to last and runs quietly, so you can enjoy a comfortable and peaceful environment.

Midea Portable AC: 1 Ton – Easy to Use and Safe

The air conditioner comes with a remote control thermostat that allows you to adjust the temperature from anywhere in the room. The operation temperature range is 17℃ – 30℃.

Upgrade your heating and cooling experience with Midea Portable AC: 1 Ton

Don’t settle for less, upgrade your heating and cooling experience with the Midea portable AC today! With its efficient heating and cooling function, high-quality rotary compressor, easy to use and safe design, you’ll be able to enjoy versatile, powerful comfort wherever you go.

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