ESBD-SWAG-12-Kieslect K10

TK: ৳ 3,600

Model: K10
1.32’’ Semi-AMOLED Retina Display
13 sport modes
SpO₂ tracking
IP68 waterproof

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Kieslect K10 Smart Watch
The Kieslect K10 Smart Watch features a 4-Layer suspended screen design that allows edges while every edge shines. It is a premium watch with an awesome and killer design. It comes with a 1.32’’ Semi-AMOLED Retina Display with an HD resolution 360×360 pixels. The Kieslect K10 offers in-depth sleep monitoring, which can more accurately determine the sleep stage (the light sleep, deep sleep), monitors the sleep breathing condition, and provides quality analysis and suggestions for improvement based on a night of sleep. It is equipped with an advanced biological tracking optical sensor in the watch that can perform 24-hour heart rate monitoring It covers heart rate zones, keeping you aware of the exercise effect, and provides warnings when your resting heart rate is abnormally elevated. It also features smart 24-hour monitoring of blood-oxygen levels. The Kieslect K10 is IP68 waterproof. So you don’t have to worry about the watch. The Kieslect K10 comes with 13 built-in sports modes. Activate one of the sports modes that you need and, after the exercise is over, the watch will produce a corresponding analytical report which is also viewable in the mobile app. Smart sports include: Running, walking, cycling climbing, spinning, yoga, rope skipping, gymnastics, badminton, table tennis, rowing, sit-ups, free(define), tracking your progress, and setting goals specific to you.

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