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Haylou T15
Haylou TI5-TVWS Bluetooth earbuds based on the latest chipset, These earbuds support the AAC codec. A6 mm blo-diaphragm reproduces high-quality sound in the entire range of sound frequencies. The independent connection of each earbud to the signal source reduces the likelihood of losing communication and allows you to Use the earbuds in turn. A DSP noise reduction system enhances call quality. Game mode with low latency will be very useful for all lovers of dynamic online games .

The Haylou TI5 earbuds can last a record 60 hours on e single charge. This is enough to listen to 900 songs or watch 30 fims The charge time is about one and a heit hours ou can use the earbuds storage box as a power bank for your phone.

Haylou TI5 earbuds are controlled by s light touch using the touch panel. The convenient shape and low weight make them completely impercentible ano invialblevihen wearing Earbuda are protected against water and dIst. accoraing to ndustry-stanaard iPXS.

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