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This air conditioning unit is part of our Elite Classic Series and has a cooling capacity of 2 tons. It is a powerful solution for keeping your home or office cool and comfortable during hot weather. With its sleek design and energy-efficient technology, it is the perfect addition to any space.

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Experience Elite Cooling with the Elite Classic Series 2 Ton AC

Powerful and Efficient

The EHS-24CRN is a powerful air conditioning unit with a cooling capacity of 24,000 Btu/h and an energy efficiency ratio (EER) of 3.10 W/W, or 10.57 Btu/hr/W. With a maximum input consumption of 3470 W and a rated current of 11 A, it is able to cool large spaces quickly and efficiently.

High-Quality Compressor

Featuring a rotary compressor from reputable brands GMCC/SIAM or MITSUBISHI, this unit is built to last. The compressor is also able to deliver indoor air flow of 1250 m3/h in Turbo mode, 1100 m3/h in Hi mode, 920 m3/h in Mi mode, and 830 m3/h in Lo mode with indoor noise level of 45dB(A) in Hi mode, 42dB(A) in Mi mode and 39dB(A) in Lo mode, and outdoor noise level of 58dB(A)

Compact and Convenient Design

The Elite Classic Series 2 Ton AC has a compact design, with indoor unit dimension of 1120 x 225 x 325 mm and packing dimension of 1205 x 405 x 330 mm, it’s easy to install and does not take up much space. It comes with a remote control thermostat, allowing you to adjust the temperature from anywhere in the room. The operation temperature range is 17℃ – 30℃

Environmentally Friendly

This air conditioner uses R410A refrigerant, an environmentally friendly option that does not harm the ozone layer. The net weight of indoor unit is 17.4 Kg and gross weight is 20.1 Kg while the outdoor unit net weight is 51.6 Kg and gross weight is 57.2 Kg.

Upgrade your cooling experience with the Elite Classic Series 2 Ton AC

This air conditioner is a perfect fit for large spaces, it’s powerful and efficient, built with high-quality compressor, designed with a compact and convenient design, and environmentally friendly with R410A refrigerant. So, don’t settle for less, upgrade your cooling experience with the Elite EHS-24CRN air conditioner today!

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