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Cuts and twists about 60 times in 1 second, Palm-sized body,Portable, Easy Store Large Baterry Capacity lasts for a Month Comes with a small cleaning scraper, can be Disassembled and Rinsed Choose food-grade safe materials With multiple security protection

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Deerma Wireless Grinder Machine JS200 Details:
Main Features:
Multi-purpose, fast material preparation
Sparsely sliced ​​garlic chili for half a day can be done with a Deerma cooking machine, saving time and effort. The wireless mini is compact and lightweight, making all kinds of delicious food anytime, anywhere, as well as supplementary food and ground meat. It is the little kitchen helper.

Collect all kinds of sauces, summon a sumptuous meal
The humble coriander ingredients are low-key and important in hearty dishes. It all depends on the cooking machine to prepare the ingredients silently, saving a lot of tedious procedures, so that the cooking becomes easy and smooth.

Cut and twist about 60 times in 1 second, with fast and delicate discharge
The motor is full of power, the speed reaches 28,000 rpm, and it drives the three-leaf blade to rotate and cut at a high speed. It cuts and twists the food about 60 times per second, and the output is fast and delicate.

Jogging and cutting, stop when you let go, control the thickness of ingredients
Compared with hand-chopping ingredients, the cooking machine not only saves time, but also discharges more delicately. Jog control, stop when you let go, adjust the thickness of the seasoning as you like.

Palm-sized body, storage is never a problem
The wireless and compact food processor is as high as bottled milk and covers an area about the size of a palm. It can be easily stored in the cabinet or in the drawer.

A cooking machine that is more portable than you think and can be taken with you
Never dared to think that the cooking mechanism could be taken away, Deerma did it. Wireless is not restricted, do not pick a location and prepare materials at any time. The compact body is packed in a bag like this

Charge for 2h and use for 1 month, no need to charge frequently
The new Type-C fast charge can cut food up to 30 times with one charge. Use it once a day, and it can last for 1 month. The large-capacity battery has a sense of safety and does not need to be charged frequently.

Comes with a small cleaning scraper
The cooking machine has its own cleaning scraper, which can be used to scrape out the food directly after the cutting is completed. The comb teeth at the top of the scraper seamlessly fit the spoiler ribs on the inner wall of the cooking cup, and the food remaining in the gap is also scraped.

The whole machine can be disassembled and rinsed, no dead ends, flush and clean
Choose food-grade safe materials
All materials for direct contact with food are made of safe materials, the blade is made of 304 stainless steel, and the cup body is made of food-grade AS material, which meets the national food safety standards.

With multiple security protection
Understand the concerns of using the food processor, Deerma has set up multiple safety protections: let it go, overload protection, short circuit protection, etc., to reduce hidden safety hazards in use, and operate without worry.


Rated power : 40W
Rated capacity : 150ml
Working hours : <308
Rated working voltage : 3.7V
Charging voltage : 5V
Charging current : 2A
Product size : 90*90*112mm
charging method : USB
Package included:
1 * Host
1 * Transparent cup
1 * USB Type-C charging cable
1 * Manual
1 * Rotary knife
1 * Scraper

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