TK: ৳ 2,600

Brand: Delmar
Certified Model: DEM-DX128CCCC Vacuum:12000PA
Number Of Tips: 3 Pcs
Tip Type: Floor Brush, Flat Mouth Suction, Round Brush
Product Weight:1.83kg
Rated Voltage: 220V
Rated Power: 400W
Dust Storage Type: Dust Cup
Dust Collection Capacity: 1.2L
6 Months Warranty

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Smart clean, dustless home: it’s easy to clean every time, and it’s easy to clean every corner.
It meets a variety of soil cleaning needs, whether soft carpet or wooden floor, the floor is easy to clean.
Clean up the dust safely; keep a clean storage environment and dust-free.
It’s easy for me to deal with all kinds of accidents; I don’t want to scatter flour, rice and so on, accidents are easy to solve.
It saves time and energy and leaves a lot of time for life.
It is light for the family; it cleans the family and enjoys a healthy lifestyle.
High suction: the size of garbage.
Strong core, all copper wire engines, adsorption is still stronger.
Liver filter: Liver air filter is a waste filter, such as smoke and dust.
A cup of high-capacity L-grade dust, easy to clean
Extensive roadblocks, 5 meters long cables cover the entire room.
Small, delicate and easy to store

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